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For a population of over 43 million people, Uganda has a total number of 350 Magistrates and judges expected to hear all the cases brought before them. At any one time, each judicial officer has a load of 300-500 cases waiting to be heard, which means that companies and individuals with conflicts(cases) filed in the courts will have to wait between two (2) to 10 years to have their case heard! This costs money, time which you should be spending in growing your business!

At the same time, 88% 1 of all people in Uganda experience a justice need(problem) that requires someone to help them resolve it.

What do we do?

Our Mission, Values and Motto

Praxis Mediation was established out of years of experience with the conventional conflict resolution mechanisms particularly through the administration of justice system
(court) in which a third party decides one’s fate, it is costly, there is no telling to when a case will be concluded because of the overwhelming number of cases in court, and being an adversarial system, the parties are left torn apart on case conclusion, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that there must be a better way! Our services


Our Goal

Praxis Mediation aims to reduce the pain and difficulties that companies, businesses and individuals go through to get their disputes resolved, by delivering to them a people centred conflict management alternative that is easy to navigate, delivers on the results sought without undue delay, and at an affordable cost.

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