Who We Are

We are Praxis Conflict Centre

Praxis Conflict Centre(PCC), is a first of its kind dispute resolution firm offering Mediation, Arbitration, Alterna- tive Dispute Resolution Trainings and related services in Uganda, established in April 2021. Our legally qualified practitioners have experience spanning more than twenty years in these and related areas.

We do not dwell on processes. We deliver results.

Why Praxis Conflict Centre?

We deliver results but also provide the environment and facilities to deliver our services in-house to you, both the dispute resolution and the trainings. Some of these include mediation rooms, breakout rooms and training rooms that can accommodate both physical and online engagements. Our facilities are well equipped to handle all your needs and facilitate a positive outcome.


Most disputes arise due to failure in communication and our experience ensures that we set a good environment, physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally for the parties to talk amicably. We understand that time is money and the more we save for you, the more you will have through ensuring that your dispute is attended to proficiently, to allow you to concentrate on what you do with one settled mind!


Our Goal

PCC aims to reduce the pain, the time and money spent by governments, companies, businesses, families, and individuals to get their disputes resolved; by providing a people-centered conflict management alternative that is easy to navigate and delivers on the results sought without undue delay, yet preserving the relationship between the parties as is necessary.

Praxis Conflict Centre Profile


Our Core Values


At PCC, we give you the assurance that your matter is yours alone and those whom you choose to be a part of it. Client information is held with outmost privacy by our very well experienced and professional team.

Pursuit of Excellence


We provide you with a neutral space in which both parties take charge together, with us at PCC guiding you through the process for the most agreeable outcomes for everyone involved in the dispute.

Time Consciousness


We have a zero-tolerance to corruption policy to ensure that our clients have no worry of undergoing compromised processes so that they can concentrate on coming out with a workable solution to their challenges.