PCC's Official Partners

Praxis Conflict Centre collaborates with other outstanding players in the field of ADR including the following:

The International Advisory & Dispute Resolution Unit of the 3 Verulam Buildings Barristers, and in particular;Sir William Blair, Mr. Hefin Rees QC, Ms. Jane Davis Evans

All of 3 Verulam Buildings, Barristers, Grays Inn, London, with whom PCC collaborates in relation to training and capacity building in mediation and arbitration.

Judicate West, a private dispute resolution firm in Santa Ana California, USA, and in Particular;Hon. Justice Mitchel Goldberg

With whom PCC collaborates in both dispute resolution expertise and capacity building in related areas, with emphasis on a high standard of ADR service delivery.

The Conflict Lab, a mediation service in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, USA and in particular;Ms. Selina J. Shultz

The Executive Director, a leader in the field of conflict Navigation and dispute resolution. PCC collaborates with Selina in capacity building in the area of mediation and negotiation bringing on new cutting edge developments in the field of mediation.