Mediation is a conflict resolution mechanism in which a neutral third party supports parties experiencing a conflict to resolve it amicably.

Mediation is fast because it does not follow complicated procedures and processes to resolve the conflict. Rather, it allows the parties to talk amicably with the guide and facilitation of the Mediator who assists them to communicate.

It is a process that allows for the preservation of the relationship between the parties because it focuses them on the problem rather than the various interests that they come to the table with.

Mediation can be used in family matters, commercial transactions, business relationships, land conflicts, employment and labour disputes child conflicts, among others.

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Negotiation is a tool  we use in our everyday lives to relate with other people. We negotiate with our spouses on which house we should buy, how much money we should spend on an item; we negotiate with our children about how many hours to spend on TV, ensuring that they eat fruit everyday, what time they should go to bed; we negotiate with our employers about how much we should be paid, which other fringe benefits should come with our jobs; to mention but a few!

Negotiation is a life skill that everyone needs because it gets one to a better  or preferred place most of the time

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