Why Praxis Conflict Centre?

We do not dwell on processes.
We deliver results.

We deliver results but also provide the environment and facilities to deliver our services in-house to you, both the dispute resolution and the trainings. Some of these include mediation rooms, breakout rooms and training rooms that can accommodate both physical and online engagements. Our facilities are well equipped to handle all your needs and facilitate a positive outcome.


A process in which you take charge


A quick turn-around of your dispute


A process that lets you speak for your self


At PCC, we give you the assurance that your matter is yours alone and those whom you choose to be a part of it. Client information is held with outmost privacy by our very well experienced and professional team.


We provide you with a neutral space in which both parties take charge together, with us at PCC guiding you through the process for the most agreeable outcomes for everyone involved in the dispute.


We have a zero-tolerance to corruption policy to ensure that our clients have no worry of undergoing compromised processes so that they can concentrate on coming out with a workable solution to their challenges.

Who We Are

Praxis Conflict Centre(PCC), is a first of its kind dispute resolution firm offering Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution Trainings and related services in Uganda, established in April 2021. Our legally qualified practitioners have experience spanning more than twenty years in these and related areas.


What we bring to you


Mediation is a method of conflict resolution that enables those with a dispute to decide how they wish to resolve it, through a third party supporting them to communicate with each other.

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A negotiation is a discussion involving two or more parties to reach a
desired end of all involved.

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Arbitration is a private process where parties with a dispute agree that one or several individuals can make a decision about their dispute after receiving evidence and hearing arguments.

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Conflict Management Advisory

PCC supports companies, businesses, and organizations to reduce negative outcomes of conflict within their teams while increasing the positive.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Trainings

PCC provides training and capacity building in all areas of dispute resolution practice including …

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Independent Public & Private Inquiries

Public inquiries refer to a wide range of inquiries held by public or private bodies or persons into a matter, event or disaster of public concern.

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Nature of conflicts handled

    • Commercial Disputes

    • Labour Disputes

    • Land Disputes

    • Family Conflicts

    • Insurance Claims

    • Contractual Disagreements

How Can We Help?


(+256) 772377375


2nd Floor, King Ceasor Square,
Plot 9 Portal Avenue, Kampala Uganda

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Pcc's Experience

Our Experience

The PCC Team have the benefit of having been at the forefront of dispute resolution through the conventional means, which puts them in a position to understand the importance and significance of Alternative Dispute Resolution!

The Centre brings together a Team of experts with experience of more than 25 years in the field of Conflict Management. We pride in our Team’s experience, expertise and genuine interest in seeing to a quick, cost- effective and professionally handled conflict resolution process.